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Lusso tan

Winter Nights Tanning Balm

Winter Nights Tanning Balm

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+We wanted to give women of every age and skin tone the ability to find their perfect glow. That’s why we created Winter Nights Tanning Balm, a multi-tasking product that helps improve elasticity, minimize pores and protect your skin from ageing. This unique formulation delivers nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E for enhanced hydration, along with antioxidants and amino acids to protect against the ever-changing environment. 



Organic actives. Boosts cell renewal. Delivers moisture. Retains moisture. Strengthens barrier. Calms & quiets sensitive skin. Guide colour free. Paraben & Alcohol-free.


-Why We Love It

Simple, guide colour free, swift drying: it’s a no brainer. Our luxe, hydrating Winter Nights Tanning Balm melts into the skin with ease guaranteeing a plumper, smoother and more radiant glow with every pump.

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