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Lusso Tan Self Tan Lotion

Lusso Tan Self Tan Lotion – Medium



Self Tan Lotion For Face and Body

Apply the warmth of a Mediterranean Summer to your skin (minus the harmful sun rays) with our natural shade tinted self-tan lotion. Our luxuriously hydrating formula cares for your skin with organic ingredients and creates a gorgeous tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days.


Buildable shades that suit all skin tones.

Tinted for swift, confident use and easy blending, giving a flawless, streak free finish.

Quick as a flash, 60 second drying time, so you can dress swiftly.

Infused with Antioxidant Vitamins A & E to protect and repair skin damage.

Aloe Vera gives more Antioxidants (Beta Carotene, Vitamin C & E, etc.) to sooth, firm, hydrate & heal.

If you feel naked without your tan, simply apply twice a week to keep your shade tip top.


Lusso Tan Skin Perfector

Lusso Tan Skin Perfector




Insta Ready Skin Finish For Face and Body


By covering imperfections and reflecting light, our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector enhances your skin tone and covers slight blemishes, freckles & veins.

With it’s natural shade tint and instant results your skin will appear healthy, glowing and perfected.


Luminous formula veils blemishes and imperfections.

Ideal for hard to tan areas (apply with a foundation brush for heavier coverage).

Mix with foundation to better blend your face with your body.

Apply instead of foundation on make up free days.



Use after applying your tan and rinsing off the guide colour.

Smooth onto skin in circular motions and blend well using a Lusso Tan Mitt.


Mrs Glam – Glamorous Gift Box


The perfect gift to create a full GLAM makeup look! Get your hands on three NEW Mrs Glam products, in the Mrs Glam Glamorous Gift Box – A palette, a lipgloss and a lash.

Mrs Glam Ultimate Kit Bag


Ultimate Kit Bag

The professional Ultimate Kit Bag is perfect for storing your Mrs Glam products on the go or at home.

Features a large inner compartment and 2 front button pockets to store your smaller items. Plus detachable straps and easy clean material for the perfect travel bag.

Complete your kit with the Essential Kit bag also available with Maid by Sinead 

Perfect Prime Eyeshadow Base


The perfect base for carving brows and prepping eyes for shadow.

Achieve the Perfect Prime for vivid eyeshadow that lasts. This multi-purpose product can also be used as an under-eye concealer!

Eye Want More Brush Collection

Plush Brushes – Eye Want more – 10 Piece Eye Collection


Plush Brushes 10 Piece complete eye set.

Designed with soft synthetic fibre bristles to create a professional finished eye look.


101 Base/Conceal – Plush Brush Duo brush the large brush end is ideal for concealing and applying base around the eye area, while its smaller end is perfect for more precise eye defining looks such as your cut crease.

102 Angle Liner /Brow Brush – Creating a  defined brow look or winged liner.

103 Spoolie – Tapered soft spoolie head for brushing brows into place

104 Deluxe Liner Brush – Perfect for creating that flawless eyeline.

105 Large Fluffy blender- Large fluffy brush perfect for application of transition colours.

106 Blender Brush- Perfect for shading and blending.

107 Small tapered blender Brush- For use on the contour of the eyes to blend colours.

108 Smudger Brush-Applies shades and blends eye colour along the lash line.

109 Small Pencil Brush-  Precise shading and smoothing edges along the eyelid.

110  Precision Brush – Small end fluffy brush to get in and around the contour of the eyes.

blush brushes ultimate face collection bundle

Plush Brushes – Face Collection Bundle




Our amazing face bundle collection includes:


201 foundation brush 

202 blush/ contour brush 

203 Large bronze brush 

204 highlighter brush

101 Base/conceal duo brush

complete with our plush brush pouch bag.

Polished London teeth whitening kit

Polished London Teeth Whitening Kit


Our system combines advanced LED Dual Light Technology and an enamel-safe, peroxide-free gel that has been developed and tested by UK dentists to provide an effective teeth whitening and oral hygiene treatment.

At the push of a button, you can switch between an accelerated 10 minute whitening option (Blue mode) and the 15 minute combined teeth whitening, sterilising and odour reduction option (Blue & Red mode).


  • LED Dual Light Mouthpiece (x1)
  • USB Charging Cable (x1)
  • 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel (x3)
  • User Manual (x1)
  • Shade Guide (x1)
Polished London teeth Whitening Powder

Polished London Teeth Whitening Powder


Safe and easy to use, our Teeth Whitening Powder has been specifically formulated to help remove stubborn stains caused by lifestyle choices including tobacco, tea/coffee, red wine and colourful foods, leaving your teeth with a smooth, fresh, dentist clean feel.

  • Removes External Stains
  • Peroxide Free
  • No Harmful Abrasives
  • No Sensitivity
  • Enamel Safe
  • Fights Bacteria
  • Fresh Minty Flavour
  • Freshens Breath

Use for 30 minutes a day to gently remove light stains and whiten teeth or use for up to 60 minutes per day to help remove deeper stains and brighten teeth in fewer treatments.

  • 14 Day Treatment Plan
  • 30 Minutes or up to 60 Minutes a Day for Deeper Stains
  • Enamel Safe
  • Peroxide Free
  • Easy to Apply

Formulated by UK Dentists

Polished London Teeth Whitening Strips

Polished London Teeth Whitening Strips



Get the smile you’ve always wanted and enjoy the confidence it brings. Safe, comfortable and easy to use, our Teeth Whitening Strips help you achieve a visibly whiter smile in just 14 days. Use for 30 minutes a day to gently remove light stains and whiten teeth or use for up to 60 minutes per day to help remove deeper stains and brighten teeth in fewer treatments.

  • 14 Day Treatment Plan
  • 30 Minutes or up to 60 Minutes a Day for Deeper Stains
  • Enamel Safe
  • Peroxide Free
  • Easy to Apply

Formulated by UK Dentists

Skin Secrets Christmas Gift Box


How It Works

How It Works

Hydrate & Hold

What’s in it?

Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration – spray as many times as you need throughout the day. Lemon extract to control skin’s oils and to help keep your makeup on for longer.

Centella Asiatica extract to strengthen skin barriers and prevent ageing.

Beauty Base Pearl

1) Wear it on its own on bare skin for a radiant and protected base every day

2) Wear it under makeup to work as your SPF and primer                                                  

 3) Wear it mixed into your foundation or base for a quicker application on the go and to lighten your makeup.

Sheet Masks:

Give your complexion a cool, calming drink of intense hydration with this sheet mask to quench dehydrated skin for a supple and dewy finish. Apply the mask to bare skin for 20minutes. Upon removing the sheet mask, let the excess absorb into the skin

The Clock Struck 12


…and she continued to GLAM! The Clock Struck 12 is the ULTIMATE gift for the makeup lover in your life this Christmas, containing our NEW & EXCLUSIVE BPerfect Manifest Palette, NEW & EXCLUSIVE Universal Lash in style Light On and our ALL TIME FAVES – Perfect Prime Eyeshadow Base & Bad Llama Mascara.