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Sensitised Normal - Oily Routine

Sensitised Normal - Oily Routine

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What is it:

A collection of treatments to rehydrate and restore the skin’s natural barrier, calm and reduce inflammation and return sensitised skin to normality.

What causes sensitive skin?

Sensitised skin occurs as a reaction to something that has changed within your environment or lifestyle. Pollution, stress, hormones, changes in climate and more can result in an impaired barrier, opening up the skin to external aggressors that can cause irritation and redness. To strengthen and rebuild the skin barrier, you need nourishing and protective active ingredients that heal, hydrate and restore sensitised skin.


How to use

Step 1. Cleanse – Oil & Milk Cleanser: Gently remove impurities from the skin’s surface with an oil to milk emulsion cleanser that encourages cell renewal and protects the skin from free radical and environmental damage. Use AM & PM.

Step 2. Hydrate – Hydra Serum: Replenish the skin’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid for visibly rehydrated, calmer looking skin with a revitalised outer surface skin layer. Use AM & PM. 

Step 3. Restore – Night Cream Oily Skin: Re-energise skin overnight with restorative night cream packed with powerful antioxidants to hydrate, brighten and restore the natural good bacteria level within the skin. Use PM only.

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